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Analog Output  
Probe Length (see note)  
Choose Temperature - RH  


  • Hot wire anemometer transmitter
  • Cable (TC mount) or TO mount
  • Options for humidity and temperature
  • High sensitivity for low speeds
  • Analog Output 4-20mA or 0-10V DC
  • Variable response time for turbulence
  • Ready calibrated

The family of transmitters series HD29 ... are employed in the control of air speed in the air conditioning and ventilation systems in the pharmaceutical, museums, clean rooms, ventilation ducts, industrial sectors and households, crowded places, cafeterias, auditoriums, gymnasiums or on farms with large numbers of animals. The sensors in combination with accurate electronics consistantly produce precise and reliable measurements . The sensor for air speed is a thin film device. The probe sheath is AISI304, the filter relative humidity of 20μ wire mesh, materials that allow the use in hostile areas. There are two possible installations: in the TO version (this page), the horizontal probe is joined to the electronics enclosure while in the TC version the probe is connected to the electronics via a cable. The probes are available in various lengths

Note The temperature sensor adds 30mm to length of the velocity probes
The combined temperature RH sensor adds 70mm to the length of the velocity probes

Air Velocity Sensor  
Sensor Type Hot wire
Range selectable by dipswitch


at 50%RH and 1013hPa
range 0...1m/s
range 0...2m/s
range 0...10m/s
range 0...20m/s
±(0.1m/s+3% of measurement)
±(0.15m/s+3% of measurement)
±(0.5m/s+3% of measurement)
±(0.7m/s+3% of measurement
Temperature measuring range -10...+60°C
Temperature accuracy ± 0.3°C
Relative Humidity 0...100%RH
Relative Humidity accuracy ±1,5%RH (10...90%RH)
±2,0%RH (in the remaining range) for T= 15...35°C
- ±(1,5+1.5% of the displayed value) %RH in the re - maining temperature range
Analog Output 4...20mA into load resistance < 500 Ω
0...10Vdc into load resistanc> 10k Ω
Power supply required 18...40Vdc or 12...24Vac ± 10%
Response time set by jumper 0.2s 2.0s
Operating Temperature electronics 0...+60°C probes -10...+80°C
Temperature Compensation 0...+80°C
Storage Temperature -10...+70°C
Protection class IP67
Sensor working environment Clean air, RH<80%
Case dimensions 80x84x44 mm


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