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Item #: HF MICRO1000
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Features of the Micro1000 Laboratory Ratio Turbidimeter

    • Completely Self-Contained - contains everything you need,  manual, and calibration standards
    • Auto Ranging 0 - 10,000 NTU
    • Ratio (Color Correction) - automatic compensation for background color
      Instrument senses turbidity level of sample and automatically adjusts to the appropriate measurement.
    • RS232 output
    • Optional pour through and flow thru assemblies
    • Simple Calibration Procedures - calibration initiated with the push of a button ensures accurate readings.
    • EPA and ISO compliance.
    • Made in the USA

Model Micro1000WL
White light turbidimeter for EPA180.1 compliance - 0-10000 NTU, includes set of calibration standards, 0.02, 10,100 & 1750 NTU 2 cuvettes with caps batteries, and instructions 110 Volt AC adaptor

Model Micro1000IR
IR turbidimeter for ISO7027 compliance - 0-10000 NTU, includes set of calibration standards, 0.02, 10, 100 & 1750 NTU 2 cuvettes with caps batteries, and instructions universal 100/240 Volt AC adaptor

Designed to provide the accuracy demanded in today’s laboratory, the Micro1000 Laboratory Ratio Turbidimeter is ready to meet the challenge. Features like the Auto Alert Calibration Prompt and the Quick Connection Lamp Module, allow for simple calibration and low maintenance. A full time ratio (color correction) mode is also featured. With a resolution of 0.0001 NTU at low turbidity readings and an extended range to 10,000 NTU, the Micro1000 Turbidimeter is an ideal and affordable tool for research as well as routine analytical measurements

Water clarity is an important determinant of the its condition and productivity. Turbidity is a measure of water clarity. Nephelometers measure the intensity of light scattered by contaminants such as suspended and colloidal matter like clay and silt, and microscopic organisms. Turbidimeters using the nephelometric principal compare the light scattered due to contamination with the light scattering from a standard reference suspension. The result is a measurement of turbidity in NTUs - Nephelometric Turbidity Units. The Micro1000 is a bench top laboratory turbidimeter available with either white light source for USEPA 180.1 compliance or IR laser diode source for IS07027 compliance. The turbidimeter features fast response time and high accuracy in the range 0 - 10000NTU. A special color correction feature corrects automatically for background color. Other features include auto-ranging which automatically adjust the sensitivity to suit the sample and auto-calibration, a feature which prompts the operator when a calibration is needed. The Micro1000 can be interfaced with a computer or serial printer using RS232 so that time, date, and NTU values can be stored and printed. The Turbidimeter is supplied ready to use with a set of calibration standards and cuvettes.

An optional pour through accessory facilitates the pouring of grab samples through the measurement chamber and out the drain.


Specification - Laboratory Nephelometer turbidimeter
Conformance: ISO 7027(IR source) EPA 180.1 (tungsten lamp) CSA CE
Measurement Range:

0-10000 NTU
0-2450 EBC
0-10000 FNU

Principle Nephelometric
Certification UL CSA CE
Accuracy +/- 2% of reading plus 0.01 NTU (0-1000 NTU)
+/- 5% of reading (1000 to 400 NTU)
Resolution >0.0001 NTU on lowest range
Ratio (Color Correction )  user selectable
Response Time:  <6 seconds
Display: LCD
Light Source:  Tungsten filament or IR - LED (860nm)
Power Supply: 120 - 240 Volts AC
Sample Cells:  30 ml
Shipping Dimensions  14 x 12 x 12 inches
Shipping Weight 7 lbs)


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