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Temperature Scale  


One accurate tester performs three critical tests. Test coolant, battery and windshield fluids. Why take chances? For precise reading of coolant concentration, hydrometers just don't measure up. The Digital Multi-Chek accurately and effectively tests coolant - both ethylene and propylene glycol - as well as battery charge and windshield fluid.
Model No. RC13940014(Farenheit)
RC 13940015(Celsius)
Scales EG = Freeze point, ethylene glycol antifreeze
PG = Freeze point, propylene glycol antifreeze
SG = Specific gravity, battery acid
WW = Freeze point, windshield washer solution
Reading Ranges EG - 32°F thru -70°F, Accuracy +/- 0.5°F
PG - 32°F thru -60°F, Accuracy +/- 0.5°F
Battery - 1.000 - 1.463 SG, Accuracy +/- 0.003 SG
Windshield Washer - 32°F thru -65°F, Accuracy +/- 2°F
Automatic Temp. Compensation


Size 2.13 x 1.06 x 3.9 inches

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