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Item #: DO-2102
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  • Dual sensors for UVA Irradiance and illuminance
  • Selection of intelligent probes
  • Datalogger 38000 samples
  • Serial Port for data download
  • Max Min and Average functions
  • Real time data logging to PC or printer
  • RS232C and USB connections
  • Software included for download and display
  • Large range of sensors
  • Large Backlit LCD Display
  • Batteries or external power supply
  • RS232 Command Set
  • Data sheet in PDF

Combined probe for measuring the TOTAL EFFECTIVE IRRADIANCE (W/ m2) weighted according to the UV action curve. The probe is made of two sensors for the correct measure of the Total Effective Irradiance in the range 250...400nm.
Both these sensors are equipped with a diffuser for the correction according to the cosine law.
This probe supplies the Total effective irradiance (Eeff), the UV-CB effective irradiance and the UVA Irradiance.
Total effective irradiance measuring range: 0.010 W/m2 … 20 W/m2.
B_C effective irradiance measuring range: 0.010 W/m2 … 20 W/m2.
UVA irradiance measuring range: 0.1 W/m2 … 2000 W/m2.

The Delta-Ohm HD2102.1 and HD2102.2 are portable photo radiometers. They measure illumination , luminance, PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) and irradiance (across VIS-NIR, UVA, UVB and UVC spectral regions or in the measurement of effective irradiance according to the UV action curve). The unit works with "intelligent" probes using the SICRAM automatic detection system which is chip contaning all the parameters of a given probe including calibration data. When the probe is attached to the meter the meter can read the chip to identify the probe and is instantly ready to proceed with measurements. In addition to spot measurement the instrument can also integrate measurements for a time integral Q(t) over preset thresholds. The HD2102.2 Version includes datalogging. Up to 38,000 samples with single probes and 14,000 with combined probes can be stored in local memory. Data can be transferred from the instrument connected to a PC via the RS232C serial port or USB 2.0 port. The measurment interval, printing, and baud rate are configured with key pad. Both versions of the instrument HD2102.1 and HD2102.2 are fitted with an RS232C serial port and can transfer data in real time to a PC or a printer. The Max , Min and Average functions calculate the maximum, minimum and average values. Other functions include: the relative measurement REL, the HOLD function. .

LP 471 A-UVeff probe for the measure of TOTAL EFFECTIVE IRRADIANCE weighted
according to the UV action curve (CEI EN 60335-2-27)
Measuring Range (Weff/m²): 0.010 … 19.999
Resolution (Weff/m²) 0.001
Spectral Range UV action curve for measuring erythema (250 nm…400 nm)
Calibration Uncertainty <15%
f3 (linearity): <3%
f4 (instrument reading error): ±1digit
f5 (fatigue): <0.5%
Drift after 1 year: <2%
Working temperature: 0…50°C
UV Irradiance  
  Measuring range (Weff/m²): 0.1 … 1999.9
  Resolution (Weff/m²) 0.1
  Spectral Range 315 nm … 400 nm
UV_BC Irradiance  
  Measuring range (Weff/m²): 0.010 … 19.999
  Resolution ((Weff/m²): 0.001
  Spectral range: 250 nm … 315 nm

Electronics Specifications

Measuring Units lux - fcd - lux·s - fcd·s - W/m2 - μW/cm2
J/m2 - μJ/cm2 - μmol/(m2 . s) - μmol/m2 - cd/m2
Serial Cable length 15 m
Printing interval Immediate or 1s, 5s, 10s, 15s, 30s, 1min, 2min,
5min, 10min, 15min, 20min, 30min, 1 hour
USB Interface 1.1 - 2.0 electrically isolated
  Input module for the probes 8-pole male DIN45326 connector
  RS232 8 pole miniDin
  USB Serial interface B-type MiniUSB connector
  Mains adapter 2-pole connector (positive at centre)
Dimensions 185x90x40mm
Weight 470 g
Case Materials ABS rubber
Batteries / life 4 1.5V type AA / 200h with 1800mAh alkaline
Mains power adapter (option) 100-240Vac/12Vdc-1A
Operating temperature /storage temperture -5…50°C / -25…65°C-25…65°C
Relative Humidity 0-90% non condensing
Protection IP66

Computer Interface and data logging

USB 1.1 - 2.0 electrically isolated
RS232 8-pole MiniDin connector
Handshake Baud rate 38400; Parity None:Nbit 8;Stop bit 1: Protocol Xon/Xoff
Memory 36000 samples


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