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Test engine coolant and battery fluid with one instrument The Rhino Duo-Chek® engine coolant and battery test refractometer offers an accurate, fast and easy-to-use method for testing engine coolant freeze point, glycol concentration, and battery charge condition. Automatic temperature compensation provides immediate, accurate direct readings of ethylene glycol, environmentally safe propylene glycol, and battery electrolyte with only a few sample drops.

-Freeze point of ethylene glycol coolant
-% Concentration of ethylene glycol coolant
-Freeze point of propylene glycol coolant
-% Concentration of propylene glycol coolant
-Battery electrolyte specific gravity
-Battery electrolyte charge level

-Improved optics - easy-to-read
-Automatic temperature compensated - accurate measurements at any temperature
-No batteries required - reliable any time
-Black polycarbonate housing - durable and built to last
-Water resistant and dust proof - sealed internal optics cannot be contaminated
-Shock resistant - drop tested from 3 feet
-Six measurement scales included - versatile all-in-one tool
-Meets ASTM standards - highest confidence in the measurement is guaranteed
-Affordable - real value for any budget

Model DC70 (137584L0) DC60 (137564L0)
Specific Gravity 1.100-1.400 1.100-1.400
Scale Division 0.01 0.01
Antifreeze Protection
Ethylene Glycol +32° to -60°F 0° to -48°C
Propylene Glycol +32° to -60°F 0° to -48°C
Scale Division 5°F 3°C
Coolant Concentration Scale
Ethylene Glycol 0-70% 0-70%
Propylene Glycol 0-63% 0-61%
Refractive Index Range 1.3330-1.4048 1.3330-1.4048
Calibration Liquid Distilled Water Distilled Water
¹Accuracy ±1.0°F ±0.55°C

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