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HD2010UC is an integrating portable sound level meter performing statistical analysis. The instrument has been designed combining maximum low cost and simplicity of use. The instrument can be upgraded by adding options at any time. The user can upgrade the firmware directly by means of the Noise Studio program supplied with the instrument. HD2010UC is equipped with a backlit graphic display.


  • Low cost - upgradeable
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Kit 1 Class 1 meter
  • Kit 2 Class 2 meter
    All kits include
  • microphone,
  • windscreen,
  • USB cable
  • Noise Studio basic program


  • Environmental Noise
  • Data Logging (optional upgrade)
  • Noise Monitoring capture and analyze
  • Statistical analysis 3 percentile level (full statistical optional)
  • Impulse noise
  • Workplace measurements
  • Select personnel protective gear
  • Production Quality control
  • Machine noise

HD2010UC is an integrating portable sound level meter performing statistical analysis. The instrument has been designed combining maximum low cost and simplicity of use. Attention has been paid to the possibility of adjusting the instrument and adding options at any time to the HD2010UC so to extend its applications. The user can upgrade the firmware directly by means of the Noise
Studio program supplied with the instrument. HD2010UC is equipped with a backlit graphic display. HD2110L is an integrating sound level meter suitable for the following applications:
•Environmental noise levels evaluation,
•noise monitoring with noise events capture and analysis,
•Statistical analysis with calculation of 3 percentile level and optional full statistical analysis
•measurement in working environments,
•selection of Personal Protective Equipment (methods SNR, HML and OBM),
•production quality control,
•machine noise measurement,
•Measurement of machine noise, sound power measurements
•Optional Advanced Data Logging
•Optional capture and analysis of sound events

With HD2010UC sound level meter it is possible to measure the sound pressure level by programming 3 parameters with the possibility of freely selecting the frequency weightings and time constants. It is possible to measure parameters such as Leq, SEL, maximum and minimum sound levels with integration times from 1 second to 99 hours. If an undesired sound event produces an over-load indication, or simply alters the result of integration, it is always possible to exclude the event by using the Back-Erase function.
The measured sound levels can be saved and transferred to a PC with Noise Studio Software

With the addition of the optional Advanced Data Logger module the HD2010UC can sample the sound signal 8 times per second with a frequency weighting and FAST time constant and analyzes the the signal statistically in 0.5 dB classes. Three percentile levels between L1 and L99 can be displayed. You can select sampling LFp Leq or Lpk with A, C or Z weightings (only C and Z for Lpk)

Data can be transfered to a PC or a printer. The bidirectional serial interface can by used to control the instrument from a PC

Read More : PDF data sheet

Advance Data Logger  - option: sound level profiles automatic recording, full statistical analysis, capture and analysis of sound events with trigger function, simultaneous data logging of profiles, reports and events. “Navigator” program for reviewing stored data

Model HD2010UC
Standards Class 1 or 2X group according to IEC 61672:2002 and class1 or according to IEC 60651 and IEC 60804:2000 type 1or 2 according to ANSI S1.4-1983 and S1.43-1997
1/2" microphone UC52 free field, pre-polarized, condenser type .
Dynamic Range 30 dBA - 143 dB peak
Linearity Range 80 dB
Acoustic Parameters Spl, Leq, Leql, SEL, L-EP,d, Lmax, Lmin, Lpk, Dose, Ln
Frequency Weightings Simultaneous A,C,Z (Only C and Z for Lpk)
Time weightings simultaneous FAST, SLOW, IMPULSE
Integration from 1s to 99 hours with erasing function (Back-Erase)
Statistical Analysis

Displays up to 3 percentile levels from L1 to L99
Probability distribution and percentile level calculation from L1 to L99 (Advanced data logger required PN HD2010.02)
Parameter: LFp, Leq, LQL weighted A,C,Z (Only C and Z for Lpk)
Sampling frequency: 8 samples/second
Classification: Classes of 0.5 dB

Analysis of Events Calculation of 5 freely programmable event parameters
Calculation of statistical levels from L1 to L99
Event identification trigger with programmable threshold and duration filter
Manual Trigger
Profile Data Logging Parallel profiles, report, events acquisition
1 profile with sampling 1/8s + 3 customizable parameter profiles with 2 samples/second +5 customizable parameter profiles with 1s to 1h sampling perion (reports mode)
External memory via HD2010MC memory card interface using SD memory cards up to 2 GB.

Graphic LCD backlit display 128x64
3 parameters in numeric format
Profile LAFp with 8 samples/sec*
Graph of sound level probability distribution*
Graph of percentile levels L1 to L99*
*requires advanced data logging option

Memory 4 MB internal, expandable to 8MD with memory module HD2010.00
With advance data logging option installed (HD2010.02) 1 profile for 23 hours or 80 recording days of 3 parameters per minute.
Input/output RS232 and USB Interfaces, DC output
PC Programs

Noise Studio Basic Version included with instrument
Other modules available
NS1 workers protection- analysis of noise and vibration in the workplace according to UNI9432/2011 and ISO9612/2011
NS2 Acoustic Pollution-analysis of environmental noise- roads railways, airports. *Requires data logger option
NS4 Monitor Module - real time acquisition, synchronized audion recording, remote monitoring and data capture. Program allows programming and measurements and calibrations with timer and performs event audio recording with programmable trigger levels.

Operating Conditions Working temperature 10-50C, 25-90%RH non condensing. IP64
Power Supply 4 Alkaline or rechargeable NImh type AA batteries or external 9-12V DC, 300mA power adapter
Dimensions and Weight 445 x 100 x 50 mm with preamplifier, 740g with batteries

Noise Studio (included with the instrument FOC)

Software for PC with Windows® operating systems: downloadable as standard
supply with the instrument, it allows the measurements setup and to download and
display the measures graphically or in a table form. The measurements results can
be printed and exported in Excel® and PDF formats. Optional software modules
for specific applications are available see below. The modules extend the program basic
functions and can be activated with license and hardware key (not included). A
demo version of the application modules is included in the basic program

Software modules - require the Advanced Data Logging option

NS1 “Workers protection” module
Analysis of the noise and vibrations exposure in the workplace in compliance with
directives 2003-10-CE and 2002-44-CE, D.L. 81/2008, UNI 9432 and ISO 9612
normatives. Calculation of the exposure levels and related uncertainties and
evaluation of the individual protection devices effectiveness, of the noise sources
pulse index and of the presence of the DC-shift phenomenon in the hand-arm
transmitted vibrations analysis.

NS2A “Acoustic pollution” module
Acoustic climate analysis on a daily, weekly and annual basis including road,
railway and airport noise. The software performs statistical and spectral analyses
and automatically identifies noisy events. The analyses are performed in
compliance with the national (D.L. 194/2005 and D.M. 16/03/1998) and EU
(2002/49/EC directive) legislation regarding the acoustic pollution and the mapping
of the territory

NS5 “Environmental noise” module
Analysis of acoustic pollution and environmental noise sources. The software
performs statistical and spectral analyses, manually and automatically identifies, by
means of the trigger function, single and combined sources. Masking and automatic
search for pulse and tonal components in compliance with the national
(D.M. 16/03/1998) legislation regarding the acoustic pollution.
Automatic report and comparison of the limits, both absolute and differential,
according to the legislation in force.


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