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Combination electrodes are self contained because the reference electrode is built into body of the probe
Mono electrodes require the use of an external reference electrode.

Polymer Membrane Electrodes
Consist of various ion exchange materials in an inert matrix such as PVC, polyethylene or silicone rubber. The membrane is sealed to the end of a PVC tube. The potential developed at the membrane surface is related to the concentration of the species of interest. Electrodes of this type include Potassium, Calcium and Nitrate.

Solid State Electrodes
Utilize relatively insoluble inorganic salts in a membrane. Solid state electrodes exist in a homogeneous or heterogeneous forms. In both types potentials are developed at the membrane surface due to the ion exchange process. Examples of this type of electrode include silver / sulfide, chloride and fluoride.

Gas Sensing Electrodes
Gas sensing electrodes are available for the measurement of ammonia, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxide. This type of electrode has a gas permeable membrane and an internal buffer solution. The pH of the buffer solution changes as the gas reacts with it. The change is detected by a combination pH sensor within the housing. This type of electrode does not require a an external reference electrode.

Glass Membrane Electrodes
Glass membrane electrodes are formed by the doping of the silicon dioxide glass matrix with various chemicals. The most common of the electrode of this type is the pH electrode. Glass membrane electrodes are also used for sodium ions.

Electrode Part No Housing Sensor
 Direct Measurement Range Slope mv/decade pH range Temp Range Resp Time Secs Interference Ref
Ref Electrolyte
Molar ppm
Ammonia NH3 NH31505 Epoxy Gas Sensing Combination 1.0x10e-7 17000-0.01 56+/-3 above 11 0-50 30 Volatile amines N/A NH4Cl
Ammonium NH4+

Polymer membrane 1.0 - 5x 10e-6 18000-0.1 56+/-2 4-10 0-50 30 K+ Double Junction NaCl
Mono NH41401 PVC
Combination NH41502 Glass
Bromide Br-

Solid State 1.0-5x10e-6 79900-0.4 79900-0.4 2-14 0-80 20 S-2, I, CN-, high levels of Cl- 
and NH3
Double Jct KN02
Mono BRO1501 Epoxy
Combination BRO1502 Glass
Cadmium Cd+2
Solid State 1x10e-1 - 1x10e-7 11200-0.2 57+/-2 2-12 0-80 20 Ag+, Hg+2, Cu+2
high levels of Pb+2 and Fe+2
Double Junction KNO3
Mono CD21501 Epoxy
Combination CD21502 Glass
Calcium Ca+2
Polymer membrane 1.0 - 5x10e-6 40000-0.4 27+/-2 3-10 0-50 30 Pg+2, Hg+2, 
Cu+2, Ni+2
Single Junction KCl
Mono CAL1501 PVC
Combination CAL1502 Glass
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Carbonate (CO3-2)
  Gas sensing combination 1x10e-2 - 1x10e-4 440-4.4 56+/-3 4.8-5.2 0-50 30 volatile weak acids N/A NaHCO3
Combination CO21501 Epoxy
Chloride (Cl-)

Solid State 1.0 - 5x10e-5 35500-1.8 56+/-2 2-12 0-80 20 S-2, I-, Br-, CN- Double Junction KNO3
Mono CLO1501 Epoxy
Combination CLO1502 Glass
Copper (Cu+2
Solid State 1x10e-1 - 1x10e-8 6350-6.4X10e-4 27+/-2 2-12 0-80 20 Ag+, Hg+2,
high levels of Cl-, Br- Cd+2 and Fe+2
Double Junction KNO3
Mono CUO1501 Epoxy
Combination CUO1502 Glass
Cyanide (CN-)
Solid State 1x10e-2 - 5x10e-5 260-0.13 57+/-2 11-13 0-80 20 S-2, I-, Br-, Cl- Double Junction KNO3
CNO1501 Epoxy
CNO1502 Glass
Flouride (F-)
Solid State saturated - 1x10e-6 saturated
 - 0.2
57+/-2 5-8 0-80 20 OH- Single Junction KCl
Mono FOO1501 Epoxy
Combination FOO1502 Glass
Flouroborate (BF4-) BF41501
Polymer membrane 1.0 - 7x10e-6 10800-0.1
 (as B)
56+/-2 2.5-11 0-50 30 ClO4-, I-, CN- Double Junction (NH4)2SO4
Iodide (I-)
Solid State 1.0 - 5x10e-8 127000-6x10e-3 57+/-2 0-14 0-80 20 S-2, Br-, CN-, Cl-, S2O3-2, NH3 Double Junction KNO3
Mono IOO1501 Epoxy
Combination IOO1502 Glass
Lead (Pb+2)
Solid State 1x10e-1 - 1x10e-6 20700-0.2 25+/-2 3-8 0-80 20 Ag+, Hg+2, Cu+2
high levels of Cd+2 and Fe+2
Double Junction KNO3
Mono PB21501 Epoxy
Combination PB21502 Glass

Nitrate (NO3-)

Polymer membrane 1.0 - 7x10e-6 62000-0.5 57+/-2 2.5-11 0-50 30 ClO4-, I-, CN-, BF4- Double Junction (NH4)2SO4
mono NO31501 PVC
Combination NO31502 Glass
Nitrogen Oxide NOx   Gas
5x10e-3 - 5x10e-6 220-0.2 56+/-3 1.1-1.7 0-50 30 SO2, HF, acetic acid N/A NaNO2
Combination NOX1501 Epoxy
Perchlorate CLO4-
Polymer membrane 1.0 - 7x10e-6 98000-0.7 56+/-2 2.5-11 0-50 30 no significant Double Junction (NH4)2SO4
mono PER1501 PVC
Combination PER1502 Glass
Potassium (K+)
Polymer membrane 1.0 - 1x10e-6 39000-0.04 56+/-2 2-12 0-50 30 Cs4+, NH4+ Double Junction NaCl
mono KOO1501 PVC
combo KOO1502 Glass
Silver Sulfide (Ag+/S-2)

Solid State Ag+ 1.0 -1x10e-7
S-2 1.0 -1x10e-7
2-12 0-80 20 Hg2+, Hg+ Double Junction KNO3
mono AGS1501 Epoxy
Combination AGS1502 Glass
Sodium (Na+) 
  Glass saturated - 1x10e-6 saturated 
- 0.02
56+/-2 5-12 0-80 20 H+, K+, Li+, Ag+, Cs+ TI+ Double Junction NH4Cl
mono NA71501 Glass
Combination NA71502 Glass
Surfactant (X+, X-) 

Polymer membrane 5x10e-2 - 1x10e-5 12000-1.0 for titration 2-12 0-50 30 similar types of surfactant Single Junction KCl
mono SUR1501 PVC
combo SUR1502 Glass
Water Hardness (Ca+2/Mg+2)

Polymer membrane 1.0 - 1x10e-5 4000-0.4 
(as Ca)
26+/-3 5-10 0-50 30 Cu+2,Zn+2,
Single Junction KCl
mono WHA1501 PVC
combo WHA1502 Glass


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