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  • Moisture Determination of most products
  • Dry mass determination
  • Drying profiles
  • Permeability of water vapour
  • Easy operation built in progams graphical guide
  • Data base with 99 drying procedures
  • Store up to 1000 products and 100 users
  • Drying profiles (standard, mild, step, rapid)
  • Finish mode (manual, automatic, time defined)
  • Visualization of drying process
  • GLP/GMP printouts and reports
  • IR Emitter standard Halogen optional
  • RS232/USB interface


Moisture analyzers determine the moisture content of relatively small samples of various materials. The PMR ranges from 50g to 210g.
Moisture analyzers make use of "Thermogravimetry", which is a process in which the decrease in mass is determined when a substance is heated. In this process, a sample is weighed before during and after drying process, and a difference in mass due to the loss of moisture is calculated.

The humidity of a substance is a composition of all components which appear in a sample, and which evaporate during heating. The products released during drying may include grease, aromatic substances, organic solvents, chemical additions, water and other components.

Choosing a moisture analyzer
If the moisture analyzer is to perform drying procedures only, then a 50g capacity instrument is sufficient because the determination of moisture content requires relatively small samples. The standard temperature range, up to a maximum of 160°C, is also sufficient for 95% of applications. However, if samples have to be dried in very high temperatures, a halogen lamp heater up to 250°C is available.

Infrared emitters emit longer waves, but less energy. With the increase of wavelength, the reflection ratio decreases. This means that more energy is absorbed by the substance (up to 80 %) rather than reflected from its surface. Such waves are applicable for substances that have high reflection ratio, and substances with dark colour.

Each moisture analyzer is equipped with aluminum weighing pan with dimensions ø 90mm

Technical data: PMR 50/1/NH PMR 50/NH PMR 210/NH
Max capacity 50 g 50 g 210 g
Readability 0.0001 g .0001g 0.001 g
Tare range 50 g 50g 210g
Max mass of sampling 50 g
Accuracy of moisture reading >0.0001 % 0.001 % 0.001%
Repeatability +/-0.1% (sample < 2g), +/-0,02% (sample 2-10g), +/-0,04% (sample > 10g)
Maximum height of the tested sample h= 20 mm
Pan size ø 90 mm, h= 8 mm
Range of drying temperature max. 160° C (optional 250° with halogen lamp)
Heating module IR Emitter
Drying modes 4 drying modes (standard, quick,step, mild
Auto switch off options 4 modes(manual, automatic, time interval)
Aditional functions sample identification drying diagram
Power of heating device 400 W
Working temperature +10° - +40°C
Power supply 110 - 240V, 50 - 60 Hz AC
Display graphic (back lit)
Net weight/Gross weight 4.9/6.4 kg
Packaging size 470×380×336 mm


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