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Heavy Duty Case  


Features of the OXY2

  • Fast and accurate monitoring of residual Oxygen concentrations in purge gas.
  • Fast warm up time
  • Quick response typically 1 second
  • Exact readout of O2 concentration with large digital display.
  • Works for both Formier (H2,N2) mixtures and Argon gases.
  • Long life zirconia sensor, won't saturate in air.
  • Robust industrial strength instrument with hard shell "Pelican style" case (option )
  • Delivered ready to use with calibration certificate
  • 1 year warranty


Principle of Operation of the weld gas analyzer
 The unit contains a small pump which draws a continuous sample from the purge gas in the welding zone. This sample is passed into a special zirconium detector that is very sensitive to the presence of oxygen. A zirconia sensor is an electrochemical oxygen concentration cell with a solid ceramic electrolyte. It has the property of producing a small emf (voltage) in the presence of oxygen. The relationship between the emf produced by the detector and the oxygen concentration is well understood and highly repeatable. This means that the detector can be calibrated directly in oxygen concentration units. Sensors of this type can be used to measure concentrations from a few ppm all the way up to 100% oxygen. They are very reliable, the calibration is stable over long periods (years) and a detector calibrated for use with low ppm concentration as in the welding application will not saturate or show any degradation when exposed to high oxygen concentrations (air for example).


Sensor Type Ceramic / Zirconium oxide detector
Measuring Range Argon 999 ppm to 1 ppm oxygen in argon
Stabilisation time 15 mins
Response time 2 seconds
Accuracy Better than +/- 1% FSD
Display LED 3 digits
External output Analog
Dimensions 140 x 210 x 225 mm
Weight 6 kg


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