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Blotting and 2D Capillary  

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  • Ideal for high resolution separations
  • Optional low or high buffer volumes
  • Run up to 4 gels simultaneously
  • Cooling prevents distortion and smiling gels
  • User friendly plate clamping system
  • Fully shrouded connectors on safety lid
  • Gold plated terminals resist corrosion
  • Leak free buffer seals
  • Gel casting base or external casting stand (options )
  • Float glass plates ensure uniform gel thickness and straight sample migration
  • Combs color coded according to thickness - 1mm white, 1.5 mm red, 2.0 mm blue
  • All combs are height adjustable
  • Colored stripes enhance visibility of samples


Mini Wide Vertical Electrophoresis units.
10 x 20 Mini

The OmniPAGE Mini Wide vertical gel unit with an active gel width of 18cm effectively allows double the number of samples to be resolved as the OmniPAGE Mini unit. This allows consistency of sample comparison on a single gel and is designed for those with greater than 20 samples to compare and resolve.

Simple set up using ultra soft silicone seals guarantees trouble free glass plate loading and gel casting. Dual gaskets on the gel running insert along with notched and plain glass plates ensure leak proof gel running. Rapid set up cooling retains resolution in extended separations and also saves on buffer volume without affecting run quality.

4mm thick glass plates reduce breakage and have bonded spacers for added convenience. A wide range of accessories is available allowing many techniques to be performed using the same unit. Prep combs can be used to maximise sample loading and recovery. Accessory electroblotting and tube gel modules are available which use the same outer tank and lid.

Base unit has no casting base

SYS Unit includes Casting Base which is then loaded into the tank to run the gel

Optional external casting base is an external  casting stand provided in addtion to the casting base so that gels can be cast externally whilst the unit is running another gel 

USE VS20 Combs

Gel Dimensions
VS10WD - 18 x 8.0 cm
Plate Dimensions 20 x 10 cm 
Unit Dimension
VS10WD - 26 x 16 x 16 cm
Max Sample Capacity
VS10WD 192 samples 48/gel
Buffer Volume
Min 600 ml ,max 2800 ml

Combs Available
No of samples -
1,5,10,18MC 24, 30, 36MC,48
Thicknesses -0.75,,2.0 mm

Part No VS10WD
2 x 4 mm notched glass plates 
2 x 4 mm and plain plates,
1 dummy plate
Bonded 1 mm spacers
2 24 sample 1 mm combs
Cooling pack


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