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Item #: HW MIDAS-K
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Gas Detected  

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  • Over 35 gases sensors available
  • Smart sensor cartridge with on board ‘e-calibration’ certificate
  • 3 built in relays Alarms.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) communication and power platform
  • Keypad Interface and remote Web Browser Interface
  • Optional Pyrolyzer module for NF3 and CFx
  • Password protected menu levels.
  • Bright LEDs and intuitive Icon Driven, display
  • Factory-calibrated sensors to reduce need for frequent gas testing
  • Isolated 0-22 mA Analog Output with fault and event reporting
  • Modbus/TCP Ethernet for easy connectivity to all control and alarm systems ports for control connectivity and service interaction
  • Robust sampling pump system up to 100ft
  • CE marked for total immunity to Radio
    Frequency Interference
  • Reflex® sensor health check for improved safety
  • TempraSureTM temperature compensation technology as appropriate
  • Event logging to review sensor history
  • Patented reporting technology confirms
    likely gas release to avoid nuisance alarms


The Midas Gas Detector unit is gas detection system that can be equipped with wide variety of single toxic gas sensors (see list below)
The instrument can be used with a remote sampling tube by means of which the sensor and electronics can be mounted up to 100 feet away from the sampling point. The electronics provide for a variety of output scenarios including alarm relays and an analog output. The Midas can be integrated into a network of other gas detectors or similar instruments using Modbus/TPC protocol (embeds Modbus messages inside TCP/IP frames). Each unit can function as a web server and can be interrogated with an ethernet connection from a PC. The unit can be powered directly with 24V DC or with PoE (Power over Internet) The unit is very easy to install - the basic instrument is only 6" high. It can be either directly wall mounted or mounted on a horizontal surface using the option L bracket shown above.

Midas Pyrolyzer: Some gases require a pyrolyzer for detection and this is an optional configuration. The Midas Pyrolyzer allows for the detection of NF3 and other CFX gases. The Pyrolyzer has a replaceable heater assembly with a lifespan of greater than two years. The proprietary catalyst improves efficiency in gas conversion, the Pyrolyzern delivers automatic flow control, temperature control, and fast and accurate performance. The Pyrolyzer is run from the Gas Detector system. Two Midas Pyrolyzer modules are available to detect specific gases. The pyrolyzer module option is installed under the Midas gas detector. An air sample is drawn through the pyrolyzer and the target fluorinated compounds are converted into hydrogen fluoride (HF) gas by means of pyrolysis at a high temperature which is optimized for each gas family. The residual HF is then measured by the appropriate sensor cartridge and the concentration is calculated from this result. This concentration is then displayed in actual ppm on the Midas’ LCD display.
The standard Midas pyrolyzer unit (P/N MIDAST- NP1) detects nitrogen triflouride (NF3) and Perfluoro compounds (CH3F, C4F6, C5F8, CH2F2). The pyrolyzer unit for NF3, CH3F and CH2F2 can utilize a Freon end-of-line filter (P/N 1830-0027). The filter is filled with charcoal to remove Freon

Numerous applications. With feature-rich capabilities that are easy to use, the Midas Gas Detector is suitable for many industry applications, including semiconductor processing, light industrial manufacturing, university laboratories, aerospace, wastewater and more.

Web Interface

The Web server interface produces an interactive user interface, in addition to the front panel controls, where the system status can be seen at a glance

Gas Sensors

Gas Name Chemical Formula Range Sensor Part Number
Ammonia NH3 9 - 100 ppm E-NH3


AsH3 18 - 200 ppb E-ASH
Germane GeH4
Boron Trichloride BCl3 0.72 - 8 ppm E-HCL
Dichlorosilane H2Cl2Si
Hydrogen Bromide HBr
Hydrogen Chloride HCl
Boron Trifluoride BF3 0.72 - 8 ppm E-HFX
Hydrogen Fluoride HF
Nitrogen Trifluoride **
Tungsten Hexafluoride WF6
Boron Trifluoride (Low Level) BF3 0.18 - 2 ppm E-HFL
Hydrogen Fluoride (Low Level) HF    
Tungsten Hexafluoride (Low Level) WF6    
Bromine BR2 0.036 - 0.4 ppm E-BR2
Chlorine Dioxide ClO2  
Carbon Dioxide CO2 0.15 - 20 % E-CO2
Carbon Monoxide CO 9 - 100 ppm E-COX
Diborane B2h6 36-400 ppb E-B2H
Difluoromethane** CH2F2 16 -240 ppm E-CFX
Hexafluorobutadiene** C4F6
Methyl Fluoride** CH3F
Octofluorocyclopentene** C5F8
Chlorine Cl2 0.36 - 4 ppm E-HAL
Fluorine F2
Hyrdogen (%LEL) H2 6.5 - 100% LEL E-LEL*
Methane (%LEL) CH4
Hydrogen (ppm) H2 90 - 1000 ppm E-H2X
Hydrogen Cyanide HCN 1.8 - 20 ppm E-HCN
Hydrogen Sulfide H2S 3.6 - 40 ppm E-H2S
Nitric Oxide NO 9 - 100 ppm E-NOX
Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 1.05 - 12 ppm E-NO2
Oxygen O2 0.2 - 25 % E-O2X
Ozone O3 0.065 - 0.7 ppm E-O3H
Ozone (Low Level) O3 0.036 - 0.4 ppm E-O3X
Phosphine PH3 110 - 1200 ppb E-PH3
Silane (Low Level) SiH4 0.18 - 2 ppm E-SHL
Silane SiH4 1.8 - 20 ppm E-SHX
Disilane Si2H6
Sulfur Dioxide SO2 0.7 - 8 ppm E-SO2
Tetra Ethyl Ortho Silicate TEOS 3.6 - 40 ppm E-TEO
* 2 Year Warranty - Can be calibrated for up to 5 years
** Requires the pyrolyzer attachment.
Transmitter Dimension 120mm (H) x 63mm (W) x 150mm (D) Weight: 0.8Kg
Pyrolyzer Dimensions 70mm (H) x 63mm (W) x 83mm (D) Weight: 0.41 Kg
Power Requirements 24V DC Nominal +/- 10% Operating Voltage with Power over Ethernet (PoE):
36 - 57 VDC via PoE, 48V DC Nominal
Power Consumption Transmitter ~ 5.0 W With Pyrolyzer < 12.95 W
Outputs Visual: Alarm, Power and Fault lights as well as back lit LCD display with all gas readings and events Relays: 3 relays for Alarm1, Alarm 2 and Fault rated 1.0A @ 30VDC or 0.5A @125VAC;
configurable NO or NC, latched or unlatched
Analog: 2 wire isolated, 0 - 22mA, Sink or Source Digital Communications: Modbus / TCP Ethernet / Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Service Port RS232C / PPP protocol
Sampling Distance Tubing Length: Up to 30m (100 feet) with FEP tubing dependant on gas. Same for exhaust tube. Ambient Point Monitoring: In line air filter recommended
Tubing Requirement Sample:6.35mm OD (1/4”) x 3.18mm (1/8”), FEP, 30m (100 feet) maximum dependant on gas type Exhaust: 6.35mm (1/4”) OD x 4.76mm (3/16”), FEP, 30m (100 feet)
Operating Temperature 0˚ C (32˚ F) to 40˚ C (104˚ F)  
Wiring Requirement 4-20mA/DC Power/Relays: 14 AWG Maximum Digital: CAT 5 cable or equivalent, RJ45 connector
Gas Concentration Display & Interface Instrument: 4-digit alphanumeric display with separate measurement units, flow rate bar graph and other icon driven indicators. 4 button membrane keypad Remote Interface: PC / PDA Internet Browser access via Ethernet or other Bus system
Response Times Flow Rate: 500 mL/min Transport Time: 2 - 30 seconds maximum
Warranty Transmitter Unit: 1 year
Sensor Cartridge: 1 year standard; 2 year with extended warranty program
Expected Lifetime of Pump: > 2 years
Certification & Specification European: CE marked; meets EN 50270:1999 (Type2)
and EN 55011:2000
Environmental: ETL approved UL 61010B and CSA-C22.2
No. 1010.1-92
Performance: Designed to meet with UL 2075 (pending 2004)
Electrical: IEEE 802.3af-2003
Performance Lower Detection Limit < Lower Acceptable Limit
Lower Acceptable Limit = ½ Threshold Limit Value (typically 12% Full Scale Detection)
Upper Limit of detection (FSD)= 4 x Threshold Limit Value The threshold limit Value (TLV) is the level by which it is believed a worker can be exposed to day after day without adverse health effects. The ACGIH (American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists) defines the threshold limit value and they are a recommendations, not legal limits.

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