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  • Robust acrylic tank construction
  • Safety lid with integral power leads
  • shrouded 4mm power output connectors universally compatible with modern-day low to medium voltage power supplies
  • Long -life, 99.99% pure platinum electrodes
  • Gold-plated terminals with corrosion free stainless steel washers
  • Durable high-impact polystyrene combs
  • UV-transparent acrylic gel-casting trays
  • Offset asymmetric electrodes
  • Color-coded combs corresponding to 1, 1.5 and 2mm thicknesses

• Single gel tray with fluorescent numbering - allows up to 96 SSPs to be loaded directly onto the tray, so that each SSP is automatically numbered for gel photography, simplifying postelectrophoretic analysis
• 6 comb slots - positioned at 25mm intervals along the gel tray allow SSPs to be separated in less than 30 minutes using the appropriate running conditions (see Technical Specification)
• Six 17-sample combs - with each marker lane positioned centrally - enables SSPs to be loaded onto the gel quickly, 8 at a time by multi-channel pipette
• Compact tank - reduces the buffer volume required to cover the gel, providing greater control over the voltage gradient and run-time
• Robust acrylic casting tray - UVtransparent for visualisation with fluorescent numbering for SNP recognition and traceability
• Buffer recirculation ports - may be connected to a peristaltic pump for buffer recirculation during electrophoresis The VG-FAST96 high throughput Vari-gel MAXI system is the latest addition to the Scie-Plas Vari-gel Range, providing a swift and simple solution for the screening and analysis of up to 96 single-strand polymorphisms (SSPs) following PCR amplification in 96-well microplates. A single gel tray with UV-fluorescent numbering allows up to 96 SSPs to loaded directly onto the tray, 8 at a time by multi-channel pipette, so that each SSP is automatically numbered for gel documentation, simplifying post-electrophoretic analysis.


Technical Specifications VG-FAST96 Vari-gel MAXI System
Unit Dimensions (W x L x H) 33 x 19.5 x 7.5cm
Gel Size (W x L) 16 x 17.5cm
Buffer Volume 950ml
Buffer Recirculation Ports 2
Maximum Sample Capacity 96+8
Combs 6
>Comb Thickness 1mm
Comb Throughput 17 samples: 2x8 loaded my multi-channel pipette; 1 x marker
>Recommended Running
100 - 150V
Migration distance between comb slots 2.5cm
Power Output Connectors
Shrouded, 4mm
Recommended Power Supplies Consort EV243


Ordering Information
VG-FAST96 Complete System Includes: A complete 16cm wide high throughput Vari-gel system with 1 removable UV-transparent and UV-fluorescent gel tray, 16 x 17.5cm (W x L); 6 x 1mm, 17-sample combs and aluminium casting gates


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